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We're dedicated to enhancing the way you sleep with our ever-changing inventory of clearance mattresses.

Save 50-80% versus traditional retailers!

With each new truckload, Mattress by Appointment Columbia receives a fresh assortment of clearance mattresses, offering exceptional discounts that you won't find elsewhere. We do not carry a specific line of mattresses; instead, our focus is on bringing you the best deals possible. Every day, every truckload, every customer is different, so you'll always discover something unique when you visit us.

A black super pillow top mattress with white crisscross pattern on top made by Lunessence and Coricana.
A black plush mattress with a grey top and blue stripes made by Sealy.

Explore a diverse array of trusted mattress brands, including Beautyrest, Simmons, BedTech, Sealy, Corsicana, Malouf, Diamond Mattress, Brooklyn Bedding, Wellsville, Lux Modern, Restonic, Mantua, Solstice, Tempur-Pedic, SlumberShield, and Jamison. Each brand represents quality craftsmanship and a dedication to redefining sleep comfort.

From the indulgent softness of pillowtop mattresses to the adaptable support of hybrid designs, our brands cater to a wide range of preferences. Find the perfect fit for your unique sleep needs, promoting a truly customized and blissful night's rest.

Rest assured, each brand we work with has undergone stringent quality assessments. We believe in delivering only the finest options to our valued customers, ensuring you can make an informed choice.

A thick eurotop mattress with grey sides and a clean white top made by Beautyrest.
A plush mattress with a grey border and a white top. The white top has blue stripes on it. Made by Sealy

Our esteemed partners offer a plethora of choices, from innovative technologies to timeless elegance.

Your satisfaction matters, and Mattress by Appointment Columbia is here to guide you. Reach out with any inquiries or schedule a personalized appointment, allowing us to assist you in finding the mattress that transforms your sleep experience.

Thank you for entrusting Mattress by Appointment Columbia as your sleep destination. With our esteemed brands and unbeatable clearance deals, you can embark on a restorative journey, waking up revitalized and ready to seize the day with newfound energy.

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A gel memory foam hybrid mattress from Wellsville.
A eurotop mattress with a grey border and white top. The eurotop part is black. Serta.

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