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At Mattress by Appointment Columbia, Tennessee, our mission centers on two core principles: delivering outstanding customer service and unmatched affordability. We firmly believe that enjoying a restful night's sleep should be within everyone's reach, without the burden of steep expenses. Our journey commenced in 2020 when we recognized a pressing demand in our local market for an affordable mattress retailer. Faced with numerous major retail chains charging high prices, we embarked on a mission to bridge the gap by offering everyday individuals incredible deals on top-notch sleep products.

Our one-on-one service is a source of immense pride, as it extends beyond the ordinary sales experience. As a store operated by its owner, our commitment to treating each customer like a member of our family forms the bedrock of our approach. We're dedicated to assisting our customers in making choices that align with their unique requirements, not merely what's most profitable for us.

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Nestled in Columbia, Tennessee, we proudly extend our services to the entire region, encompassing communities like Spring Hill, Mount Pleasant, and Lewisburg. Our wide-ranging product selection features a comprehensive array of mattress types, including offerings from many leading U.S. brands. Through our commitment to eliminating intermediaries and maintaining cost efficiency, we're able to bestow substantial savings upon our cherished patrons, with discounts spanning from 50% to 80% in comparison to conventional retailers.

Columbia, Tennessee Main Street Awards Winner for 2023

Our dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. In 2023, we were honored to be recognized as the best mattress store in the Columbia, Tennessee. The trust and satisfaction of our customers are our most cherished achievements, reflected in our 5.0 rating from over 200 Google reviews.

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As a family-owned and operated business, we deeply value our connection with the Columbia, Tennessee community. We take immense pride in our contributions to local initiatives, supporting fundraising efforts with neighboring schools and actively participating in the development of local bands and sports teams. This commitment to education aligns seamlessly with our homeschooling values, which significantly influence our interactions with valued customers.

At Mattress by Appointment Columbia, we are not merely a mattress store; we are a passionate team dedicated to enhancing your sleep experience. With our unwavering commitment to providing unbeatable prices, top-notch service, and a strong focus on community involvement, we extend a warm invitation for you to become a part of our family. Discover the profound difference a restful night's sleep can make. Sleep soundly, dream ambitiously, and greet each new day with a revitalized spirit and boundless energy.

Top U.S. Brands Available

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Everything including bed rails and platforms to high end cooling hybrids and adjustable bases.

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